Bullet Journal Guide

Bullet Journal Guide

Using Bullet Journal for first time?

Here is the perfect little guide for all the beginners. Remember, Bullet journal isn’t about how it looks but its about what works for you.

Basic bullet journal guide includes:


It is the section at the front of your notebook and serves as a table of contents with page numbers to different collections and a symbol key that you update as you go.

Future Log

This four-page spread is a year-at-a-glance calendar with future events, goals, and long-term tasks. Add birthdays, travel plans, and major holidays. The Future Log serves as your time machine, allowing you to glimpse the outlines of the future you're actively working towards. Each month, review your Future Log to see if anything can be migrated into the new Monthly Log.

Monthly log

This two-page spread includes a calendar with a bird's-eye view of the month and a task page with things you want to tackle during the month. You can also add other monthly tracking pages including various logs such fitness, weight, food, book, movie log, etc.

Daily log

This is your day-to-day to-do list. Your day to day to activities & schedules. It could be timely matter or just basic activity.

The Bullet Journal is designed to become whatever you need it to be, not just logs, but can be use as a sketchbook, artworks, journal, notebook or any creative collection as you desire. After all, journal itself doesn’t have to be just schedule & tasks, its serve as a canvas where you can express your creativity & fun by adding decorative items such as stickers, photos & arts.