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Deck of Chakra Cards

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Deck of Chakra Cards Set make perfect for any yogi.

Whether you are Reiki Practitioner or not, our beautiful illustrated Chakra Cards provide you guidance on healing each chakra.

We designed Chakra Healing Cards to make it easier for you to obtain right guidance & resources in one place to open yourself to allow healing to occur, leading to improved spiritual, mental and physical health.

Chakra Healing Cards help you to truly work on a much deeper level.

By checking in with chakras from time to time, it will allow you to shift your energy, mind & body in positive way!

Product Info:

Each Healing Chakra provide guidance on each chakra:

  • Chakra location
  • Type of crystals healing for different chakras
  • Aromatherapy for different chakras
  • Yoga poses to help deep healing for different chakras
  • Guide on how to when you are chakras are out of balance
  • How to balance your chakras guide
  • Meditation Mantras for different chakras

Features include:

  • Printed on premium 350 gsm paper card
  • It comes in bio organic cotton pouch
  • It comes with 9 printed cards
  • Ethically sourced & vegan friendly materials