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Healing Affirmation Cards

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Every thought you think is creating your reality, so choose positive thoughts about yourself and about life.

Product Info:

Beautiful cards to use it for your moodboard or will make a lovely gift.

Here are few tips on what you can do with the kit:

  • Use it as a positive reminder for everyday to make your day better & to let go of your negative thoughts.
  • Use them to put on your desk/moodboard/decor for your space.
  • Put them in a frame for your decor.
  • Stick in a place where you can see every day such as mirror or doors, as a positive reminder everyday.
  • Would make a great gift for your loved ones.
  • Use it for your journal & planners.
  • Use it as a meditation & empowering cards.

Features include:

Printed on premium quality card

It comes in bio organic cotton pouch

It comes with 10 printed cards with quotes & illustrations on each card

Size - 9x9 cm

Ethically sourced & vegan friendly materials