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Minimal Daily Gratitude Mindful Journal

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This journal is perfect for cultivating gratitude & self care in everyday life. 

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Product Info:

Mindfulness journal for everyday gratitude and self love. This journal is designed to help your anxious minds. Feature helpful prompts & tips to learn your triggers. Shift your mind from negativity to positive & happy mind!

Just by taking few minutes a day to write your thoughts & feelings can make such a difference.

The emotions of gratitude felt during those few minutes a day are big enough to trigger a grateful mood.

Product Description:

  • Compact Size- A5
  • Vegan Hard Cover leather - Make it stronger and longer durability than average notebooks
  • Paper - 100GSM, ivory colour
  • Style - Lay flat and hardbound make it easy to write
  • Extra Features - It comes with ribbon, rear pocket at the back of the Journal and hand bounded
  • Ethically sourced & vegan friendly

Features include:

  • Daily Gratitude - 6 months Undated Daily Gratitude pages - Start your day by writing down your rituals & thoughts and end your with your reflective journaling. Shift your mind from negativity to positive & happy mind!
  • Helpful writing prompts & Tips on how to cultivate gratitude - Helpful tips to achieve appreciation in your life and as space of reflection to get know yourself with your triggers.
  • Monthly reflection page to allow you reflect on how much cultivating gratefulness everyday in your life help you in both mental & physical health with a tracker and a section to compare it with previous month. Set new goals for the incoming month.
  • Inspirational Quotes pages to motivation.
  • Thoughts pages to write down what is in your mind to paper.
  • 6 months review page to reflect.

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