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Washi Tape Set of 3

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Product Info:

Perfect for your Bullet Journal, Scrapbook, decorative packaging, picture memories, planner, wedding favour seal, Phone cases, Phone phrases, beautiful posts and possibilities are endless in creativity.

Features include:

Beautiful 3 Washi tape/ masking tape  Set

Style: Grid , Polka Dots, Phrases & Words

Style: Grid

  • Colour: Dusky Deep Rose
  • Size -15mm width x 10 m 

Style: Polka dots

  • Colour: Deep Rose
  • Size -15mm width x 10 m

Style:Phrases & Words

  • Colour:Black & White
  • Size -10mm width x 10 

Phrases & Words
(Gratitude, Love, Dream, Faith, Self Love, Enjoy little things, Memories, Believe in Universe, One day at a time, Take it slow, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Best Moments)